Mark Pilkington

“ I recently undertook a 2 day course with Dave Gray at his workshop near Perth.  The one to one instruction I received, for what was a very fair price, was excellent.  It was clear to me that Dave was an accomplished teacher and was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about woodturning.  I came away feeling very well equipped to start woodturning having received instruction and tips about all aspects of the hobby, including what equipment I would need as well as clear instruction how to use the various tools and how to remain safe whilst doing so.  During the course I made (with assistance!) a number of items that have pride of place in my home.”

Jane Hamilton

“I have just undertaken Dave’s 2 day introductory course and would highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of their age, gender or practical skills,  who is interested in woodturning. Dave is an outstanding teacher - knowledgable, enthusiastic,  clear in his instructions and with endless patience. I started  the course a complete beginner and finished it, thanks to Dave’s assistance, with 4 beautiful pieces including 2 bowls”

Barry O’Regan

“I recently attended a two-day woodturning course with Dave Gray . The course was very well structured and very comprehensive covering all the basics, and much more, of woodturning in a format that works well for both beginners and those with some experience of the craft.

I found Dave to be a very expert and generous tutor both with his time and expertise. He had a very relaxed but effective style and covered an impressive range of topics in just the right depth for me....I made good progress in two days and consolidated my existing knowledge and skill-base.”