My stock is constantly changing. Please stop by regularly to see what items are currently available. Please remember that each item is unique, a true one of a kind.


Click on any of the folders below to view my stock. Clicking on an image within one of the folders will display a description: type of wood used, size of the product in inches and the price. The prices shown do not include post and packing and this will be dependent upon the shipping location and the total size and weight of the order.

How to order:

If you are interested in purchasing any of my items I would suggest that you drop me an email to or telephone me on +441738860421, whereby I will be able to confirm postage rates and expected delivery dates.

If you see an item that is of interest and that has been marked as sold it may be that I can make up a similar item to meet your requirements. Please drop me an Email or give me a call and I will see what I can do.

Ref 5260 Ash man in moon clock 8x8


Ref 5273 Yew 11x4 50.jpg


Ref 4907 Yew 10x4 60.jpg

Hollow Forms

Ref4301 Pierced Cherry Platter 13x2 60.j


Various items of coloured fruit prices f

Wooden Fruit

Ref4.077 Ash Double Earring Stands 8x4 2

Other Items

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